"i want a brighter word than bright, a fairer word than fair."
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Alda Villiljós - My home of fire and ice, 2014

i am learning to let go. to let my words out into the wild and then sit back and marvel at the chaos of the letters in the wind. to have peace about the listening ears and open heart on the other end of the line. 

it is working out well so far. 

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You’re not always fair to me
Like I wish you would be
He’s the one who left home
And I’m the one who stayed

Honest Wage | Penny & Sparrow 


I have grown accustomed
to hearing your heartbeat under every note,
every pitch of sincere praise.
It is a vibration through my bones
and in the silence
I could not feel emptier.
[d.l.] (via vitamere)
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No, I don’t think so… I think of it as common curtesy. I find it kind of rude when the person in front of me pushes the door open and then just lets it slam in my face when I’m right behind them — so I would also feel offended if I held the door open for someone behind me and they didn’t reciprocate it for the person behind them.

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People who don’t even bother holding the door open for people behind them make me angry


How do you take your coffee? With panda, of course.

(Panda Latte Art on Food Gifs)

Happy happy happy

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