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Almost Naked: The Illusion of the Author/Reader Relationship in “Octet”

“The trick to this solution is that you’d have to be 100% honest. Meaning not just sincere but almost naked. Worse than naked – more like unarmed. Defenseless. ‘This thing I feel, I can’t name it straight out but it seems important, do you feel it too?’ – this sort of direct question is not for the squeamish… Anything less than completely naked helpless pathetic sincerity and you’re right back in the pernicious conundrum.”

- “Octet” in Brief Interviews With Hideous Men by David Foster Wallace


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Anonymous asked:
Just an opinion, but I genuinely don't believe that banning prayer in schools is oppression. If anything, involving God in schools is oppression to those of other religions.

My bad, I should’ve been more specific. I’m not referring to school wide-led public prayer, but I’ve heard of some instances in which students aren’t allowed to lead (optional) prayer before football games, etc., which I don’t think is oppression. 

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When I see articles on Facebook being shared about Christians in various areas (of the United States and also the rest of the world) being persecuted in varying degrees (whether it’s something as little as schools banning prayer or Christians being slaughtered by ISIS overseas), the accompanying Christian sentiment is often frustration, outrage, and sometimes statements of retaliation. 

Dear ones, it’s not Christians against the world! That’s a mindset that Israel adopted when God called them His chosen people, and a mindset that they still cling to today. But God does His work through us — perfect work through imperfect people — because He loves each and every person in this world. Even if it’s the person on the other side of the legislation. Even if it’s the person on the other side of the gun. We are called to show and offer grace to the people around us because we have been shown and offered grace. 

It’s good to hurt for the Church, who suffers all around the world. Hurt for them. Pray for them. Help them in whatever capacity you can. But rejoice, because the persecution they (and you) suffer is for the glory of God, and that is worth every suppressed right, every spilled blood, every stolen life. 

You are already free. 

You are already free. 

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meganmaverick replied to your post:it’s SO WEIRD looking down at my arm and being…

DONT PICK OR ITCH IT OK TRUST ME ps I love love love it!!!!!

I PROMISE I WON’T i researched the tattoo healing process for like 3 hours before i went which was great because even though the artist was good he gave me really nonspecific instructions so yeah def not picking or itching and when it’s completely healed i’ll take more/better pictures THANK YOU!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥  

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so i got the tattoo on saturday night. it says “grace upon grace” in greek (john 1:16 - for from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace).

sunday morning my pastor, jamie, preached on Ephesians 1:7-10, and he talked, word for word, about how God lavishes grace upon grace upon grace for us all, that we are redeemed, that we are forgiven. i went up and showed him my tattoo after church. it was pretty cool. 

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it’s SO WEIRD looking down at my arm and being like, “oh hey i have these words on my arm for the rest of my life now” my mind is having trouble comprehending the permanency (but also temporariness) of this 

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